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Make A Difference
Make a Difference is a youth-oriented group that offers high quality, diverse positive activities and volunteering opportunities in an inclusive, supportive and encouraging environment across a wide variety of areas. Their goal is to inspire people to make a difference to their lives and the lives of others in the wider community.
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Walthamstow Memories
A compendium of letters and articles about the changing lives and circumstances of the local area of Walthamstow in London. These stories demonstrate the change not only in people but in the place they live, and how each shapes the other. It also contains historical maps, photographs and genealogical information.
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Culture News from Wired News
Easy to read, regularly updated culture, society and technology news.
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Habitat for Humanity International
Help build homes for the less fortunate. Get involved or support the good will.
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Volunteer Match
Helps recruit volunteers all over the world.
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Episteme Links
Started over a decade ago, this site features almost 20,000 well categorized links and resources and is a must-read for anyone interested in philosophy.
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fiftythings: A Cultural Inventory For the Next Millennium
From musical things to ordinary, from cultural to environmental, there are more than twenty things to read and enjoy.
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DUI Foundation
Educating America about the dangers of drinking and driving.
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