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At Galactic Surf we respect the privacy of our users and follow a strict privacy policy. This Privacy Policy is applicable to any personal information which we may receive via the web site located at Galactic Surf, and is devised to help you feel more confident about the privacy and security of your personal details. Be assured that the information you share with Galactic Surf is kept strictly confidential and fully secure, and that Galactic Surf will never misuse this information. If you have any questions or concerns about this statement, please contact us using the form.

The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for Galactic Surf.

The only ways in which Galactic Surf may receive personally identifiable information about you is if you knowingly and willingly provide the information by contacting us or through one of our service areas, including, but not limited to, contests and promotions. In such areas, the information you disclose is done so knowingly and willingly, at your sole discretion. The personally identifiable information you disclose is optional, and is normally required so as to effectively enter you into any contest we may offer or to reply to your email and correspondence.

Galactic Surf will never share the aggregate results of the data it receives with advertisers or any other forms of internet activities. We are committed to user privacy protection and will keep everything secure as stated in the Data Protection Act, 1984.
Galactic Surf links to other sites in order to provide you with additional useful information and services. Third party Internet sites and services accessible through Galactic Surf have separate privacy and data collection practices, independent of us. Galactic Surf has no responsibility or liability for these independent policies or actions. Please be careful and responsible whenever you're online. We encourage you to look for and review the privacy policies of any third party site you visit.

Galactic Surf is not responsible for the content of third party websites through the directory or RSS content/feeds.
The standard data we collect about our users is not personally identifiable information, meaning it is not information which identifies them as an individual. By using any of Galactic Surf services or reading its content, you agree that you understand the nature of this data collection.

When you log onto Galactic Surf, certain standard information is normally collected by our servers. This information may include, but may not be limited to, the location or website from which you came, the time you spend on parts of Galactic Surf or its related sites, the software you use to browse the Internet (for example Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer), the amount of information you access from Galactic Surf and quantity of pages downloaded. This data collection is standard and common to most websites on the Internet.

This information does not identify you as an individual, and none of this information will be disclosed in any form that is specific to you as a user of Galactic Surf, unless otherwise stated. Galactic Surf will not otherwise knowingly retain and/or disclose this standard data other than in an aggregate forms.
Parts of Galactic Surf use cookies to better provide our services and information. On the Internet, a "cookie" is file that a website transfers to a user's computer for record-keeping purposes. This is a common feature of many websites on the Internet, and is employed by Galactic Surf to better serve to you our services and content. The cookie is stored on your own computer (not our servers) and file that is stored on your computer is small in size and does not identify you personally.
Further Policy
It is a Galactic Surf policy that we will not disclose personally identifiable information you may choose to submit to Galactic Surf to any third parties. We follow a strict policy of no 'spam' and no sales of personally identifiable information.
We respect that you may wish to monitor the content and services your child uses on the Internet. If you wish for your child to be removed from any and/or all Galactic Surf services, please contact us using the contact form specifically requesting your wish. Please note, however, that while we will subsequently use our best endeavours to prevent your child from using our services, we cannot and will not be held responsible for access to our services your child may subsequently gain, as this is out of our control.
By using our Web site, you consent to the collection and uses of the information detailed here. Any changes in our Privacy Policy will appear on this page so you are aware of what we collect and how we use it. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, you can contact us using the form.
Privacy Policy